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Advocacy Update 1.18.19 – State Board Leadership Vote; School Funding Presentation; New House Committees

State Board of Education – This week state board of education members elected appointed-member, Laura Kohler, as president of the board and elected member, Charlotte McGuire, as vice president of the board. While Ms. Kohler easily won her position with 13 of the 19 board votes, Ms. McGuire squeaked by on a 9-8 vote over long-time board member, Sarah Fowler. The election ran smoothly with little controversy. Ms. Kohler previous served on the New Albany and Worthington boards of education. 

Much of this month’s state board meeting was geared toward bringing new members up to speed with various presentations on everything from the report card to filling out timesheets to graduation requirements. One of the presentations was from Rep. Bob Cupp (R) and Rep. John Patterson who were joined by several district treasurers and superintendents. The presentation outlined the bi-partisan work of a school funding committee that met over the past year or so. (OAGC participated in the Special Education, Gifted, and ELL sub-committee). The following information was shared regarding gifted funding:  

As previously reported, OAGC has some reservations about the 2018 gifted cost study. To review the presentation, the gifted cost study and OAGC’s response, please go to scroll to the “2018 Gifted Cost Study” topic heading. 

Ohio House Committees – The Ohio House release a draft of the 133rdGeneral Assembly committee structure. Committees relating to K-12 education include the House Finance - Primary and Secondary Education subcommittee (to be co-chaired with one democrat and one republican) and the Primary and Secondary Education Committee. 





Posted: 1/18/2019
Last Update: 1/18/2019

Advocacy Update – 1.8.19 – House Leadership Change; New ODE Gifted Guidance Documents 

Ohio House Leadership Changes – In a surprise to many, Rep. Larry Householder won the speakership vote in the Ohio House, yesterday. With the help of the majority of House Democrats, Speaker Householder beat out Ryan Smith who had taken over as speaker last spring. Speaker Householder immediately announced some new changes he hopes to enact including televising all committee hearings, eliminating a two-hour submission requirement for allowing floor amendments, employing a professional Human Resources director, and the establishing several bi-partisan standing sub-committees. One of those sub-committees would be primary and secondary education.  The new speaker declined to name his leadership team, and based on his comments, it will be interesting to see who he will choose as committee chairs. 

New ODE Gifted Guidance Documents – The Ohio Department of Education has released several new documents supporting the implementation of the revised gifted rule as well as gifted professional development. The new guidance document for the gifted rule can be found at Several new ODE documents for gifted professional guidance can be found at under the “General HQPD Documents” subject heading. 

Posted: 1/8/2019
Last Update: 1/8/2019

Advocacy Update – 1.4.19 – New Year: New Faces; Old Issues 

As Ohio moves into a new year, the school policy arena will see plenty of new faces. Beginning with the State Board of Education, the 19-member board will have seven new members, including four new appointments made by out-going Governor Kasich. These members replace Tess Elshoff and Joe Farmer (both term-limited) along with Kara Morgan and Cathye Flory (both of whom could have served four more years). The new members include David Brinegar of Fayette, Cindy Collins of Amanda, Mark Lamoncha of Leetonia and Michael Toal of Sidney.Brinegar is CEO of manufacturer Fulton Industries, and a former member of the Fayette Local School District Board of Education. Collins is an agent with Gorsuch Realty and president-elect for the Lancaster Board of Realtors. Lamoncha is CEO of manufacturer Humtown Products. Toal is CEO of Rotary Compression Technologies and president of Everyday Technologies. In addition to the board members, three newly elected members will be seated including Jenny Kilgore, who defeated 4th District incumbent Pat Bruns in November; Kirstin Hill, who defeated 2nd District incumbent Charles Froehlich; and former Rep. John Hagan, who won the election to replace Nancy Hollister, who declined to seek re-election.  The State Board, including newly appointed members, will meet on January 15thto elect new officers. 

The Ohio House and Senate will not be holding committee meetings until February. It is widely expected that Senator Peggy Lehner will remain Senate Education Committee Chair. However, it is unclear who the new chair of the House Education and Career Readiness Committee will be. Past Chair, Andrew Brenner, is now in the Ohio Senate. Until leadership issues are cleared up in the Ohio House, we will have to wait to see who emerges to lead various committees. 

Once the legislature heats up, it is likely that education issues that have been deliberated but not resolved in the past year will resurface. These issues are expected to include school funding, graduation requirements, school accountability, district takeovers, and school de-regulation efforts. In addition, incoming Governor Mike DeWine has indicated that early childhood education, school drug counseling, and career readiness are his education priorities. 

For more advocacy information, please read the latest OAGC Advocacy Corner at





Posted: 1/4/2019
Last Update: 1/8/2019

Advocacy Update – 11.12.18 – Lame Duck Season Begins This Week

Lame Duck Season 

After little legislative action for months, the Ohio General Assembly is roaring back this week with multiple education committee hearings. The Ohio Senate Education will consider bills on both Tuesday and Wednesday. The House Education Committee will meet on Tuesday afternoon. In addition, a joint committee on E-school funding will meet on Thursday. Finally, the State Board of Education meets on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Both the House and Senate have several sessions scheduled through the middle of December.  It is difficult to know which education bills will take priority in what has been in the past a wild legislative time. As committees meet and House leadership is resolved, things should become clearer in the next week or two. One piece of legislation, HB 53, dubbed the “right to work” bill is already drawing opposition. 

What does the election mean for education in Ohio? 

Governor-elect Mike DeWine has named LeeAnne Cornyn as one first staff picks. She will direct children's initiatives across state agencies. DeWine indicated in his campaign his support for increased pre-school initiatives. A new budget will be introduced by the DeWine administration by March of 2019. 

While the Senate Education committee will likely be led by its current chair, Senator Peggy Lehner, the House Education and Career Readiness committee will be chaired by someone new in 2019. The current chair, Rep. Andrew Brenner, has been elected to the Ohio Senate. 

The State Board of Education will see a number of new members in 2019. Three members are term-limited or did not seek re-election. Two incumbents lost their seats. Two others will need to be re-appointed by Governor Kasich, so those seats should remain the same. 


Posted: 11/12/2018
Last Update: 11/12/2018

Advocacy Update - 9-14-18 - Gifted Performance Results; OAGC HQPD Tools; State Board

2017-2018 Gifted Performance Results– Most of the press on district report cards has centered around district composite grades. As with most other areas, there were gains in gifted performance as well this year. While OAGC needs additional data on ID and service numbers, types of services offered etc. to do a full analysis, we have put together a brief update on the gifted performance indicator results. This brief can be accessed at The bottom line is that there were gains across all three elements of the gifted performance indicator, and there was an increase in the number of districts meeting the indicator. However, there remain significant differences in performance and performance gains based on district typology. 

OAGC Gifted HQPD Tools – As districts begin to plan for gifted professional development, please be aware that OAGC has put together a number of very helpful resources to assist districts. Please go to more information.

State Board to Meet – After a recess for August, the State Board of Education will meet next week. Major issues of discussion will include graduation requirements, the report card and budget. 

Posted: 9/14/2018
Last Update: 9/14/2018