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OAGC - Ohio Association for Gifted Children
GTAVOCATE Advocacy Issues Email Service

From Ann Sheldon - Executive Director, OAGC

I am pleased to offer a service for those in the world of gifted and talented who want to keep abreast of advocacy issues, but who do not have time for the amount of e-mail generated by Ohiogift. I have structured a gifted and talented e-mail loop that is limited to advocacy issues. The loop will be one-way and closely controlled. Most of the postings will be duplicated on Ohiogift so if you are happy with the format of the listserv, there is no need to change. Here are the e-mail loop sign-up procedures and rules:

  1. Send an e-mail directly to with a short message saying that you wish to be part of the e-mail loop.
  2. If you sign up as a loop member, by default, you agree that any message that you send back to may be posted to the e-loop at the discretion of the "loop master" -- unless you specifically request that the message not be shared. (Don't get paranoid about this. It shouldn't happen too frequently, but it would be nice to share some incoming posts with others on the e-mail loop. If you don't want your message shared, just stick a "do not share" note in the subject line or within the body of the text.)
  3. If you wish to be removed from the e-mail loop, send a note to with a short message asking that address be deleted.