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OAGC - Ohio Association for Gifted Children
Ohiogift Listserv

Ohiogift is the easiest way to stay up to date on what is happening in Ohio regarding gifted education. From the Statehouse to the State Board of Education, from parental insights to the Midwest Talent Search, from summer camps to curriculum ideas ... Ohiogift has it all!

Ohiogift is easy to join and it is free. You do not need to be an OAGC member to join. The listserv is open to parents, educators, and all community members interested in supporting the educational needs of gifted children in Ohio. For those of you who might be new to gifted education and its issues, Ohiogift offers you a great, free education. In this pivotal time of gifted education in Ohio, it is now more important than ever to stay current and fully informed.

Ohiogift Membership

To join Ohiogift, begin by simply clicking on this link:

Then complete the minimal amount of required information. You may use any of your institutional, workplace, home, or other legitimate email addresses to join Ohiogift. You subsequently will receive a confirmation email about your membership application. You also will be able to select from an array of membership options. Just remember that the sign-up address (above) is needed for you to effect any changes. That address also allows you to unsubscribe from Ohiogift. Note: Your Web browser must have cookies enabled to use the sign-up page and otherwise manage your membership after you submit the necessary information to join Ohiogift. We do not share your membership, name or address with anyone else. We respect your desire for privacy. We allow no commercial solicitations with Ohiogift. In all, our safeguards do a great job of stopping spam.

What to Expect

When you add your email address to the Ohiogift listserv and become a member, you should expect to receive several messages per day on a variety of topics related to gifted education. While the vast majority of listserv members do not post messages to the list frequently, every member is free to raise a question to the entire group at any time, to comment on any posted messages by others, and to initiate a discussion of interest. Parent groups glean good ideas for meetings and speakers from other parent groups; educators and parents have the opportunity to see new points of view; and fellow community members will learn of issues and opportunities to address in furthering the opportunities for gifted children. Service to gifted children is our No. 1 priority.

The listserv is a satisfying way for you to stay connected to other gifted advocates across Ohio on a regular basis (some list members are from other states, and their perspectives can be invaluable, as well). You are welcome to invite friends, family, and colleagues to join the Ohiogift listserv. Send a message to them asking them to join today!

Important Commands

You can join Ohiogift and receive each message when it is posted. This is the default way of messaging for most list members. Or if you prefer to receive all daily messages as one group message at the end of each day, you can opt for what is called receipt by Digest. And, you can select from other membership options, and you can unsubscribe from Ohiogift at any time. But whatever you want to do regarding your list membership, begin by going to the original sign-up page:

Remember: After you join Ohiogift and wish to post a message, be sure to send all list messages to this address:

How Ohiogift Works

Messages sent to the all-important list messaging address of go to hundreds of subscribers. These posted messages appear in recipient email boxes as individual messages from other list members. The headers of all posted Ohiogift messages have their Subject: field begin with “[Ohiogift]” (without quotation marks). Our list computers add that beginning to all legitimate posted messages by members. Every member who posts messages simply types a brief descriptive title into the message’s Subject: field. (This is just as you do with any other emails that you send to any recipient.)

Whatever messages you send to the list should be of general interest or part of ongoing public discussion. If it is only intended for one person, you need to go to the “From:” address and copy and paste that address into only your “Send to:” box when you reply. This is called emailing to someone “off list.”

There usually are several ongoing threads (topics) of discussion on Ohiogift, so it is a good idea to make sure the Subject: line of your post corresponds to the right topic. If you simply hit “Reply,” your message will go to the entire list with the same title as the email to which you are replying.

When topics or messages with subject lines of no interest to you, feel free to click your “Delete” button and move on to another message, if any (just as you might do with your everyday email messages that you might receive).

It helps everyone more easily keep up with his or her email if you don’t re-copy the entire message to which you are replying, unless that is really relevant. It is better to copy the portion of the message to which you are replying, or simply put the title of the message to which you are replying, and then introduce your comments by specifying what you are talking about. And if you want to switch directions or change the topic, do so with a new message. This helps avoid “Reply confusion.”

Questions½ Send your comments to Ohiogift list moderator Art Snyder. His address: